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English 2 Brittani
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journal A.Q. 3

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Brittani Miranda           

Period 2





Journal #3: On the internet, briefly research life inside the trenches; evaluate what type of life these soldiers lived.



Inside the trenches life was brutal. It didn’t matter if there was an attack on them or anything the people would die every day. It was like it was a daily thing that was happening in there. There was a lot of rats that would come and they would try to shoot at them and club them to death to try and kill them and make the not come in anymore. There was also a  problem with lice and how it would just sit in the dirty clothing. Lice also caused Trench fever, a disease that caused severe pain and later a high fever. There was also Trench Foot, which is a fungal infection that is caused by the trenches. The trench life was very bad and there was nothing that the people can do about it because that is how they lived for a long time.

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