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English 2 Brittani
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Class work/ Homework


Brittani Miranda

Period 2

English 2


                             Focus on fiction notes

  • Fiction is a narrative that springs from the imagination of the writer.
  • 2 major types of fiction are novels and short stories
  • short stories and novels share in length and complexity, short stories and novels share the elements of character setting, setting plot, and theme


  • the important characters are called the main characters
  • the miner roles of the characters are called minor characters
  • some characters are 2 dimensional with only 1 or 2 dominate traits
  • a fully developed character possesses many traits mirroring the psychological complexity of a real person.
  • Dynamic characteristics is when they stay the same
  • Static characteristics are when they change


        Where the story takes place


        Refers to the chain of related events that take place in the story

        Usually the events of the story progress by a conflict


         lays groundwork for the plot and provide essential background info for the reader


         complications usually rises


         turning point of the action, the moment the action hit its peak.


         occurs after the climax, often the conflict is resolved, sometimes called denouement, from the word meaning uniting.


  • Important idea or message conveyed by a work of fiction
  • Perception about life or human nature that the writer shares with the reader
  • Themes are seldom stated directly