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English 2 Brittani
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Audio Project

Brittani Miranda

period 2

Mr. Krucli


In scene one act three, caesar brings cicero in the play to tell us about

the theme of the play. The character I portrayed was cassius, a man who is who is conniving. In

this part of the play he is thinking that if he were to make the gods mad that they will do

something to caesar and that it would take his life. He does not want Caesar to be king because

he will rule over all the men in Rome so he threatens to take his own life so he wont have to be a

slave under Caesar.

When he is talking to Casca he says that everyone who does not like

that Caesar is going to rule everything has the ability to take his own life and put an end to there

slavery. If everyone just did as they were told it would not be the same. You can tell that he does

not like Caesar at all because he says that he is a dirty man and that he should not be the ruler of

Rome. He takes his argument to the slaves so they can hear what he has to say and get there

feedback on what should happen. He does not care what will happen to him just as long as he

gets Caesar and disables him from becoming the ruler of Rome. He feels pressure to be

something that he is not and trying to over power Caesar.

Now that I have been "Cassius", I have a new meaning of what he

stood for. I understand why he did not want to have Caesar as king, or ruler of the land. I feel that

he was scared that there was going to be a new man I power and he not know what he is doing

and then ruin what was already there. I feel that he wanted to be ruler and that he was upset that Caesar was going to be the ruler before him. He just wanted to be the ruler of Rome because he felt that he knew what was best and what they needed most.

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