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English 2 Brittani
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Apply A-D


Detail: A

Apply: Write a sentence describing someone with disgusting eating habits. It must be one, correct sentence; and it must contain at least three vivid details.


Sarah eats with her mouth open, food falling out, and making disgusting noises every time she comes over.


Detail: B

Apply: Describe someone jumping over a puddle. Your first sentence should be general, stating the action simply. Your second sentence should clarify and intensify the action through detail. Share your sentence with a partner.


It was a rainy day and Alexis wanted to go and jump over a puddle. She went outside and took a running start and jumped over the puddle like she was superman.


Detail: C

Apply: Think of someone famous and powerful. Use detail to create an unflattering but accurate description of the physical appearance of this famous person. Model your description on Miller’s description of J.P. Morgan. Share your description with a partner.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a strong person that is also strong and buff, but his arms and legs are huge and un-proportioned to the rest of his body.


Detail: D

Apply: Think of someone you know who has two strong sides to his/her personality. Using Churchill’s sentence as a model, write a sentence which captures – through detail – these two sides. Share your sentence with a partner.


In an instant Amanda can changer he personality. She can be happy go lucky and want to go and play in the park and the next minute she wants to be left alone in her room doing nothing.

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