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English 2 Brittani
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A.Q.O.T.W.F. chapters 3-4 questions

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Chapter 3

1. For what does Katzcinsky have a reputation?
 Katzcinsky has a reputation of finding usefull things such as food, and a  hay stack to sleep in.
2. How does Kropp think wars should be fought?
 Kropp thinks wars should be fought between  two leaders in a stadium with clubs and the one who is victorious wins the war for their country.
3. What were Himmelstoss's drill exercises?
Himmelstoss’s drill exercises were “Change at Lohne,” were they would pass through a subway and when he said change at Lohne everyone would scramble under the bed to the opposite side.
4. What had been Himmelstoss's profession before the war? HImmelstoss’s profession before the war was been a mial carrier.
5. What does Kropp say happens to little men like Himmelstoss when they get stars or stripes?
 Kropp says that little men like HImmelstoss become different men, just as thoughthey’d swallowed concrete as soon as they get stars or stripes.
6. What reason does Kropp give for officers' making drill exercises so difficult?
 He reason Kropp gives for officers’ making drill exercises so difficult is to discipline the people and to make them hold a bond of going through hard times.

Chapter 4:

1. What is the importance of the "earth to a soldier?"
The importance of the “earth to a soldier” is that no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier.
2. What influence does the front have on soldiers?
 the front also has some men very scared  because of the shooting.
3. What two situations in battle serve a comic relief from the grim battle being waged?
Two situations in battle that serve a comic relief from the grim battle being waged are when one of the young soldiers wets his pants and when the young soldier creeps under the arm of another soldier.
4. What does the death of the horses represent? The death of the horses represents the death of other men who were wounded and are slowly dying in battle.
5. What does the graveyard scene say about the value of human life?
The graveyard scene says that the value of human life is valuable because the soldiers are fighting for their lives by dumping the dead bodies from the coffins to protect them.
6. Why is this such an important chapter in the novel?
This is an important chapter in the novel because it shows detail of what the soldiers had to do. it also showed in detail what the new types of weapons did in combat such as gas, flares.

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