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English 2 Brittani
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journal 7

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                                                                                                            Brittani Miranda

                                                                                                               Period 2                   



                                                Journal 7


    Explain the similarities between the sound of thunder and the Toaster Simpson’s vignette.


            The sound of thunder and the Simpson’s vignette is similar because both of the people who went through time travel has changed the future in some way or another by killing a simple bug or some thing like it, so when they go back to the time that they came from it has changed and they want it to go back to the way that it was, like nothing ever happened and yet they still had the same changes that they did in the first place because they had killed an animal of some way or another.  They were both warned that if they were to kill an animal that they can change the future, and they think that it can not change the future by killing a single object or animal.


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