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English 2 Brittani
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The sound of thunder timeline

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                                                              Brittani Miranda

                                                                 period 2


                                                               Mr. Krucli


   Sound of thunder timeline


*2055ad-exposition president Keith wins election travel safari inc. bribe gov. to allow time travel Inciting incident: Eckels gives 10,000 Check to man behind Desk



Sputnik launched


*60,002,005 bc.- rising action: they are in the car and they see the t-rex that they are going to hunt and Eckels gets scared and starts to freak out.


Climax: Eckels walks off the path and steps on a butterfly when he is told not to step off the path and he steps off anyway and he now he can or already has change the future.


*1492 ad- Columbus sails the ocean and finds a new land (America).


*1776ad- the declaration of independence was signed and America was declared a free country


*1812ad- the war of 1812


*2055ad-falling action:

Since Eckels steps on the butterfly, he had changed the future and he notices that when he comes back that the world had never been taught how to spell and he doesn’t think that from him stepping on the butterfly that it can do so much harm to the future.

Resolution- Eckels gets shot and killed for stepping on the butterfly and changing the future.


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